The Water Section is responsible for regulating seven investor-owned and out-of-state water systems that have authority to operate in Alabama. The duties of the Water Section include inspecting facilities, reviewing financial books and records, working with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management staff, preparing reports as a result of inspections and visits, and conducting audits.

The section reviews and evaluates new water utilities desiring authority to operate and makes recommendations on such applications. Frequently, this section investigates water systems that are operating to see if they are privately owned. The section investigates regulated companies seeking to sell assets, evaluates applications for rate increases, and participates in hearings, as appropriate.

>From October 1, 1999, through September 30, 2000, Tishomingo County Water District requested approval to extend a rate rider surcharge.

The section participated in meetings regarding the study of two river basins led by the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs, Office of Water Resources, in a dispute over water needs for the city of Atlanta, Georgia. (The two river basins include the Alabama, Coosa and Tuscaloosa Rivers.)

The section participated in meetings with the Baldwin County Utility Task Force to study the regulation of investor-owned sewer utilities.

During FY-00, the Commission received 125 water system complaints and inquiries.

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